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Ph.D. Student

Jakub Samczuk

Jakub Samczuk


Curriculum Vitæ

In the years 2009-2013 I studied technical physics (speciality: applied physics) at the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, Gdańsk University of Technology. I earned an engineer diploma under supervision of Dr. Paweł Możejko. My diploma thesis was devoted to nonlinear effects in musical instruments – acoustic guitars. Next, I started master studies in technical physics at the same faculty (speciality: applied computer science). In February 2015 I defended master thesis entitled Krauss representation of Lindblad–Kossakowski evolution of a quantum bit, supervised by Prof. Paweł Horodecki.

I am a physicist who is not afraid of theory and practice, as well as a software developer acquainted with programming and numerical computations. I am fond of quantum information and web page development.

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