Dr. Magdalena Kaniewska

Project Manager

Dr. Magdalena Kaniewska holds a Master’s and PhD degrees in Economics from the University of Warsaw and an International Diploma in Management from the Institute of Commerce / Business School in Nancy / France. In the years 2003-2013 she worked as an assistant professor at the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Economic Sciences and Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies). She participated in scientific and research projects, conducting analyzes of the impact of regulations in the field of regional policy, telecommunications and environmental protection. She cooperated with the CASE Science Foundation and the representative office of the European Commission, dealing with the monitoring and evaluation of the activities of the non-governmental / NGO sector. In 2015-2017, at the Central Statistical Office, she coordinated cooperation with OECD and Eurostat in the field of education statistics and coordinated a panel study on health protection in households. In 2018, at the Ministry of Education and Science, she coordinated work on the Integrated Skills Strategy 2030. She supports members of the QCAT group in their project management activities. She is interested in contemporary design, baroque music, and practices rowing and ski touring, associated with the Slow Food movement.