Dr. Juan Camilo López Carreño

Visiting Researcher

My path in Physics started in 2009 at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá – the Andean capital of Colombia. There I did the undergraduate studies of physics and after completing the five years program under the guidance of Dr. Herbert Vinck, I set sails into research on quantum optics. My journey continued in 2014, this time in Spain, at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where I obtained the Master degree and was fortunate to become part of the group of Dr. Fabrice Laussy and Dr. Elena del Valle and join their efforts in the research on fundamental issues of quantum mechanics and the quantum description of polaritons. My thesis was about the sources of Quantum Light – both at the single- and multi-photon level – and the regimes of excitation that can be reached by systems that are driven with these rather than by classical sources.

Currently, I am a visiting researcher at the “QCAT” group led by Dr. Hab. Magdalena Stobińska at the University of Warsaw, where I am researching the quantum properties of polaritons and their prospects for quantum technologies.