About us

Quantum Information Technologies Research Group carries out interdisciplinary studies at the cross-section of quantum physics, information technology and discrete mathematics.
We are located in the Institute of Informatics at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw. Inspired by the unusual properties of quantum correlations, and motivated by the recent developments in quantum platforms, for example, quantum integrated photonics and superconducting qubits, we aim at creating new protocols for hybrid technologies such as quantum-enhanced communications and quantum-augmented computations.

Our work primarily focuses on the theoretical studies of e.g. quantum key distribution and its further use for empowering other quantum cryptographic schemes; implementation of quantum discrete transforms alternative to the quantum Fourier transform as they may underpin the future quantum algorithms. We are also fascinated by the nature of quantum randomness. Our ambition is to design quantum-enhanced protocols in a way that facilitates their further deployment in real-world applications. To this end, we carefully study the available quantum resources and we keep close ties with experimentalists.

We have a world-wide network of collaborations, with Universities as well as with quantum SMEs and quantum industry. We coordinate the MSCA ITN “AppQInfo” (www.appqinfo-itn.eu), and we are a part of the INSQT network.

Please meet our pet Erwin, the Pallas Cat (Manul) living in the Warsaw ZOO.

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