The “QCAT” Research Group carries out interdisciplinary studies at the border of quantum optics and condensed matter. Our goal is discovering inspiring physical phenomena, investigating the capabilities of modern platforms and finding their potential applications in quantum technologies. The Group has a theoretical background but tightly collaborates with experimentalists. Our domain comprises systems built with integrated optical circuits and superconducting photon detectors, optical microcavities and two-dimensional nanomaterials (e.g. graphene). We specialize in numerical tools.
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Are you a mathematician? Or a computer scientist or quantum physics? Would you like to work on creating new quantum algorithms? Knowledge on quantum mechanics is not necessary! Instead, we will build on group theory and discrete mathematics. Quantum algorithms implement mathematical transforms using quantum bits over certain groups. This is like designing an algorithm for parallel computing.

If you have recently obtained your PhD or Master’s degree or soon will be, apply today by sending your CV, cover letter and a letter of support from your last scientific supervisor to the following e-mail: mstobinska@mimuw.edu.pl


Camilo López has received NCN Sonatina grant

It is our pleasure to inform that Dr. Camilo López, who is a member of the QCAT group, has just received a prestigious National Science Center “Sonatina” grant, which will be realized at the University of Warsaw. The project entitled “CARAMEL: CaptuRing polARitonic quantuM corrELations”, got second place among 20 in the ranking of exact and technical sciences. Congratulations!


We are hiring!

Early-Stage Researcher positions in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Innovative Training Network as well as PhD student fellowships in a National Science Center project are still available. We invite graduates or people who are just graduating from Master studies in physics, mathematics or computer science. We offer a great journey with the newest quantum technologies!

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