Dr. Maryam Afsary


Maryam Afsary Graduated in 2020 from the Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, under the supervision of Prof. A. Bahrampour and Dr. A. Rezakhani. Her thesis was about control in open quantum systems and driving binding energy in the quantum realm. Her main interests are quantum optics and the interaction of quantum systems. She also worked on classical optics experimentally in her master’s where she utilized the Z-scan method to study nonlinearity in nano-materials.

During her Ph.D., she collaborated on projects on quantum communication based on her interests. She then worked as a researcher in the Institute For Research In Fundamental Sciences, Tehran, Iran. There, she continued her studies on open quantum systems employing machine learning methods.

In 2023, she joined Prof. Magdalena Stobińska’s group as a postdoctoral researcher to study entangled photon sharing and its application in quantum communications.