Thomas McDermott

Dr. Thomas McDermott


Dr. Thomas McDermott carried out his undergraduate studies at the University of Exeter from 2011 to 2015, where he specialized in condensed matter research. In particular, his Master’s project was entitled Fictitious Magnetic Fields in Strained Graphene.

During the years of his PhD, Dr. McDermott carried out research on superconductivity, Josephson junctions and nanoelectromechanical systems, culminating in the completion of his thesis Theory of Josephson Junction Resonators in 2019.

Since February 2020 Dr. McDermott is a postdoc in Dr. habil. Magdalena Stobińska’s Research Group at the Faculty of Physics, the University of Warsaw. His current research interests are in: condensed matter theory, graphene, superconductivity, plasmonics and quantum information.