Monika Mycroft

Ph.D. student

Monika Mycroft graduated from the University of Oxford where she read physics at Magdalen College in the years 2013-2017. Her Master’s project Generation and detection of spin currents was awarded a prize in Condensed Matter Physics. During her undergraduate studies she did internships on Neuroimaging in the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw and participated in research on novel properties of paramagnetic materials in Prof. Burkard Hillebrands’ group at the Technische Universität in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

In addition to physics Monika Mycroft is also interested in music. She is a keen violinist and while at the university she held the title of a Music Scholar.

From July 2017 to March 2023 Monika Mycroft was a PhD student in the research group of prof. Magdalena Stobińska at the Department of Physics, University of Warsaw. She defended her dissertation entitled “Protocols for selected quantum technologies based on feasible multiphoton bipartite entanglement” on March 29, 2023.