Michał Siemaszko

Michał Siemaszko graduated from University of Wrocław in 2021. He was working on his bachelor thesis dedicated to improvement of Monte Carlo neutrino events generator in the group of prof. Sobczyk. This work was performed within the T2K experiment and has been presented various times during the collaboration meetings. For his masters Michał decided to change the field to mathematical physics and has written the master thesis under supervision of  prof. Ługiewicz on time evolution of open quantum systems in presence of strong correlations.

In parallel, Michał got a degree as a teacher of physics along with working in a school part-time for the last year of his university studies. Apart from classes, he organised outreach activities: developed a course of solarigraphy and amateur astrophotography. For over 10 years Michał used to sing in a professional choir, specializing on Gregorian chant.

In 2021 he has started  doctoral studies at the group of prof. Magdalena Stobińska with the focus on quantum machine learning.