Valerii Kachin

Valerii Kachin graduated from ITMO University (Russia), Department of Physics, Photonics in Optical Computing in 2021. He specializes in quantum materials. His main interests cover topological physics, topological photonics, and higher-order topological states. Valerii Kachin conducted thesis “Investigation of higher-order topological states in C4-symmetric system realized on microwave platform” under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Maxim Gorlach. In 2021 he worked as an intern at Aalto University (Finland).

Scientific achievement of Valerii: V. I. Kachin and M. A. Gorlach, Three-dimensional higher-order topological insulator protected by cubic symmetry, Phys. Rev. Applied, 16, 024032 (2021).

Beyond science, Valerii likes animation, design, traveling, and breaking (bboying).

He joined the group in January 2022.